Special Note to our customers: We sincerely apologize that Night Bliss product shipments are temporarily suspended pending lifting of Covid-19 work restrictions. Interested customers are encouraged to complete our ‘Contact Us’ form which will add your name to our no-obligation priority list. We will contact you when production has been restarted with a likely delivery date if you choose to place an order at that time. Thank you for visiting us and we expect to be back in operation very soon.


Should You Try It?

Will it work for me and my bed?
While there are more similarities than differences among woman experiencing hot flashing at night, 3 key aspects of your specific situation will determine whether or not it makes sense to try our product. Here are the few key questions to ask yourself before ordering Night Bliss:

How miserable are you?
While Night Bliss is not the most expensive of the bed-based cooling relief options, it certainly isn’t in the impulse buy category. We intended our "Active Air' solution for women really distressed by frequent sleep disruptions and suggest the following 'misery guideline' to help you decide if this is the best solution for your discomfort:

Are you having hot flash episodes at least 3-4 times per night? And, do you think they cost you at least 1-2 hours of sleep per night? If so, then we think you should look at the next 2 guideline questions. If it's not, then low power, passive bed fan products may solve your problem at lower cost.

Can I use it with an unconventional bed style, like adjustables?
We have tried to design Night Bliss to be compatible with most bed styles – and it should be. All that’s really required is a mattress that uses conven­tional sheets that can be tucked in underneath and a bed design that doesn’t prevent air from reaching the rear of the fan housing (if you have questions, may we suggest you check out our installation videos covering both normal and footboard style installations – click here to view them. Our optional mounting brace does have some design limitations as to the 19” maximum mattress thickness that our standard brace can be used with. A custom brace size can be requested from our customer service department for a nominal charge.

I share my bed with 4-legged family member(s). Is this be a problem?
Well...maybe. Clearly any non-human bed-mate can settle itself somewhere between you and your cooling fan. In fact it's ironically comical that cats usually choose to lay right up against it like a sandbag. But even a small adorable kitten would be enough weight to keep some amount of the cooling air from reaching you. If you aren’t willing or able to shove your pet away from the fan when you need it, our product won’t be much help. It's certainly your choice, but sometimes, it comes down to priorities. In our view we think you should see what you'd be missing before deciding whether its worth it to gently shove your pet out of the way for a few minutes of blessed relief. Your call.

What if my flashes end early?

What if my need for night cooling changes soon after purchase?
We know there may be several reasons that your need for Night Bliss might be temporary. Most likely would be the unexpected cessation of hot flash symptoms. If you have purchased Night Bliss and then decide to begin hormone therapy or you’re just lucky enough to be passing through the tail end of it, our product could become superfluous clutter. Since this is a possibility, we came up with a 6 Month Use Plan (click for details). In effect, this allows return of the product within six months of purchase in exchange for a pro-rated credit on the purchase price. It ends up behaving like a monthly rental arrangement you paid for in advance. Units older than six months cannot be resold ‘like-new’ even with our thorough cleanup and UV sterilization process. Instead, we’ve decided to donate them to cancer patients struggling with end of life sleeping challenges or chemo/radiation treatments. We are currently having a discussion with two local health support agencies that we believe can help us get these units to patients who really need them at a difficult time. North Bay Cancer Alliance and Hospice of Petaluma

How much airflow and fan motor noise does this system make when operating?

Air Blast Power
Next time you’re a passenger in a vehicle on a non-windy, cool-ish (60-65deg) day (or night), ask the driver to hold the speed steady at 10-12mph. Stick your head out the window and feel the wind on your face. That’s what Night Bliss will feel like - in your bed. Is that enough to relieve hot flash distress? We've been told repeatedly by our early customers that it is; -in fact, its more. We're told its a totally blissful experience. So now we're wondering if there's anything else you can make happen this fast and easily, in your bed in the dark, that feels this good, that often?.

Mild Wind Noise
As measured by a sound level meter – about 52db. Technically accurate – but for most of us, probably not informative. How about this: The average home background noise level is about 50db and conversational speech is 60db. More helpful? For a reasonable idea of the noise level, Night Bliss makes about the same wind noise as a low-noise bathroom exhaust fan (48db)Sure, it would be great to have a low profile, high airflow, on-demand wind tunnel under bed sheets that was also as quiet as a library (40db) or better yet, almost silent (30db- the noise level in a quiet bedroom). And if it was technically feasible, we would have designed our product that way. (Actually, we did try that approach before we saw what it looked like (see photos on About Us page). Yes, comically obtrusive for a sellable, in-bed machine, but it was quiet.

Bottom line -
If you’re a light sleeper next to a hot flashing mate, you’ll hear it kick on – probably wake up briefly. If you’re watching TV, you may have to turn up the volume a notch. But remember, if you’re the one having the hot flash, you’re already awake so the wind noise is a non-issue. Your sleeping companion (if you have one) may, or may not be aware you turned it on. The majority of spouses we asked said that while they did briefly hear it, they were able to easily tune it out and quickly return to sleep. Furthermore, even if aware, most didn’t mind the noise (typically only ‘on’ for about 3 minutes) because they knew their hot flashing mate REALLY needed that cooling blast of air – which as a bonus, actually feels quite incredible during a flash. In our opinion, we think a little noise in exchange for what Night Bliss offers is a reasonable tradeoff. If you decide try Night Bliss, and you find the wind noise too intrusive, feel free to send it back.

Will I need Courtesy Bars?

Courtesy Bars and Support Brace are important accessories
The Courtesy Bars are intended to isolate the cooling wind to your side of the bed. If you share your bed with a spouse (for example), he, or she might not want your breeze over them when they don't feel hot.

The Support Brace was designed to prevent the dislocation of the fan housing if you should accidentally try to kick it off the end of the bed. This could occur if the combination of your height and mattress length permit you to easily reach the end of the mattress with your feet - and you are restless.

Both these items are now included with all Night Bliss shipments. However our convenient washable fabric covers for the Courtesy Bars are only shipped on request and are not needed in order to try them out. If you choose to use them permanently, may we suggest you request these covers (with no charge) be sent out to you by returning the enclosed mailer to us. 

Why does it cost more?

Why does Night-Bliss cost more than other bed fans on the market?
Night Bliss generates 7 times more air than the other bed fans. By using 3 ultra high output industrial fans in parallel, we achieve a 10-12mph wind speed over your body three seconds after you hit the button. That's serious wind power. Also, the wireless power control and timer electronics that allow the easy programming of ‘on’ time was custom designed and built for your total convenience. Those of you who need this will find it one of the best values in a life enhancement product you have ever used. In fact, we guarantee it. If you don’t agree, Please- send it back, with our thanks for being willing to give it a try. We're serious about relieving the distress caused by night hot flashing. And, if you are also serious about finally getting some real relief and recovery of lost sleep, nothing else on the market can do for you what this fan does.

Comparisons with other bed coolers